SCA 05 Black Panther 1x1

AluDeck Spider 1x1

NEW, unique, compact, durable platform AluDeck Spider.   

Ideal for universities, schools, government organizations, houses of culture,

hotels, resorts, military organizations and others.

Platform AluDeck Spider is available in standard size 1x1m

and 2x1m. Available in three colors: black, silver,anodized.

Height 55 mm
Width 1000 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Weight 12 kg
Material Aluminum, plywood hexa
Load 500 kg /m2
Clamping clamp
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Handrail clamp
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Modular stairs with all steps of the same height
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Steel handrails can be used with SCA05 platform.
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Curtain for SCA decks.
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Skirting Profile for Stage deck
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Velvet Curtain stright
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Instruction for stage platform SCA 05

Download (1.44M)